Saturday, February 06, 2010

sheer heart attack

I realize these are old news amongst fashion lovers, but I feel they deserve a place on every blog there is.
In all honesty, the Armadillo shoe is vile. And by saying vile, I mean exactly that-extremely unpleasant. I get scared and anxious just by looking them.
I do, however, give him credit for an out-of-space idea, and for having the nerve (who else if not him?) to put them out.
And another thing. The other day I was watching a video of a Dior haute couture S/S 10 show- it was spectacular- and I felt that the models are some what insecure of walking. It was strange, because they were no rookies, and still they gave the impression of walking on egg shells. The shoes didn't even look hard to handle (doesn't mean they weren't).

Soooo I was amazed how gracefully McQueen's models walked in Armadillos. They must be very well made!

Like it or not, these shoes have made it into history books. They're iconic.

P.S. compared to Armadillos the blue ones look like jour every day shoes, no ? :)


This is One Management's package for a New York show F/W 10.
Basically it is a very well done presentation of their models. And it's very pretty!
(Mischa Barton)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Contemporary armor

(Gemma Slack A/W 09)

I always had a thing for rugby gear. Shoulder pads, helmets, body armors
-whatever this things are called. And these pieces on Gemma Slack are insanely cool. I don't much care for the foam-like vests, and that thing over the head is just wack, however I really like the shoulder sculptures and the back thing.I'd have them and wear them in a second.
I'm just not that sure I could pull it off .

Monday, February 01, 2010

Treat me like your mother!

This video is great, and it's funny.
Check the girl, Alison Mosshart. I'm taken by her. She's this rock chick, and she's so feminine.
Next post: Alison Mosshart.



(Jil Sander)

(Marc Jacobs, Stephen Jones 4 Marc jacobs headband)

(Maison Martin Margiela)

(Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga shoes)

(Nicolas Ghesquiere, Miu Miu cap)

(Prada, Stephen Jones headband)

(Yves Saint Lurent, vintage Balenciaga collar)

(Maxmara, stephen Jones 4 Marc Jacobs headband)

(Viktor & Rolf)