Saturday, November 14, 2009


(random jeans, Zara faux fur coat, Bershka wedges, random belt, necklace from Ghana)

I got my first proper job as a designer. Can't quite grasp that yet. And I'm only getting use to getting up early every morning, and getting home late every afternoon. My friend says I need a couple of months at least, to fully get use to it. I'm happy though!
I have to reorganize my time, or just organize it period! Before I had all the time in the world, so I needn't bother with organization. Now I do. I have so much things I want to post, not just my looks, but loads of other pictures. A lot has happened during summer, and these las few months fashionwise, no?
By the way: I'm so the happiest right now! I've been obsessing over Balenciaga harness boots since the second I first saw them. Allthough I was utterly perplexed at first, I instantly wanted to have them. Of corse there was no way I could buy them, but I knew I could settle with Sam Edelman's version. Didn't get them though... I was outbid every single time, and they were already sold out at Victoria's secret. Squeek!
But NOW I ordered them via Nasty Gal. I am saved. I'm getting them in a week or so. Aint it great?

Sunday, November 08, 2009


(Zara jumpsuit, Zara shoes)

This was taken a whie ago when it was sunny still...
Tomorro is my birthday! I'm making the best PB & C three layer cake. It's to die for! I'll post pictures later, with the link to the blog where I got the recipe. If you're a PB & C fan like me, you should definitely make it.