Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Monday, March 07, 2011

givenchy, mint and some other things

I'm an absolute huge fan of Givenchy, Ricardo Tisci and Cate Blanchet.
So you can imagine my joy seeing Cate wearing this dress! To me she was the best dressed that evening, though there were some other great dresses.

The other order of business is home dressing.
Reader, how do you dress at home?
And how to stay clean if you have a dog and do all sorts of messy stuff while at home? I must say, I sometimes irritate myself and the reason is I, cant stay neat and put together when I'm home. I don't mind being uncomfortably dressed outside the house, and I even find certain pleasure in overdressing for the occasion, but at home I need to be super comfy. I cook, play with my dog, go outside, I sit in the most twisted positions possible, and I always manage to tear something or get myself dirty.

That's why I like the picture with a woman putting something in the oven in a mint gown, because I'd love to be so well dressed at home.
Ok, a gown for everyday is a bit extreme, but everything in between a hobo and a gown would be highly appreciated :)

So it's been decided: I will be a chic home dresser when I grow up! Or at least own 30 silk kimonos and wear them nonchalantly around the house.