Thursday, July 08, 2010

(Rodarte S/S 10)

I was a big fan of Rodarte, especially of the fall 08 collection. But now I think the Mulleavy's are going to far. I do admire their work, but the last collection is just way too messy for me. These photos look great but otherwise I think there are to many fabrics and different textures that don't match. And I'm not even obsessed with pattern and color matching! For me almost anything goes, but this is too much. It looks as if they're trying too hard... or too little.

However, I do like the twisted fabric details around the shoulder area.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

wrapped and free

I'll be investing in one of these Jeffrey Campbell's shoes. Still have to decide about the model and the color though. But I have time, because I don't have the money :)
And then I' ll wear a silk kimono-like-wrap to go with. Especially over the black sling-backs. Wraps are perfect for summer time. They're airy, gracefull and light and enable you to move freely. Plus they cover the hole body, yet allow you to show as much skin as you want.

I'd love a Paris Kain kimono! They're beatifull, no? They're inspired by Koi fish and hand painted. He uses hues of grass green, sapphire blue, and scarlet red and each comes with either a gold or silver Abraxas Rex jewelry tag - a nice bonus, since most of us probably can't afford Abraxas rex jewelry (although wearing a clothes tag as jewelry can be pretty lame). Then again most of as can't afford the kimonos either. They're being sold at Barneys New York for $1,850.

(Paris Kain)

(I dont know whos wrap is this, but I found it on this site)

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