Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Faux fur

(New look, ebay)

Vintage or not I am 100% against real fur. I know how beautiful it can be, but why fake fur isn't adequate replacement for it is beyond my comprehension.

After all it's not about the warmth, it's about the looks. So real fur is not so much a need, rather than it's a caprice...

To me faux fur looks just as nice as the real thing. And so it happened that I developed a yearning for a faux fur jacket wit(or without)a hood. I found both versions of the jackets, but am not so lucky to get them. One is from ebay, an can't be shipped to Slovenia. The other is from New Look and they also don't ship to Slovenia, AND when I wanted my friend, who lives in England, to order it for me, it was already sold out... Oh, the anguish!

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