Thursday, August 19, 2010

I find it difficult to read Vogue Nippon online. Equally difficult reading a printed version, since the only japanese words I know are hai, ichi and sayonara. But I never give up, and I keep browsing that Vogue Nippon site, strongly believing, I too, will find something of value. And I know its there! Cuz I've seen the credits on other blogs, but so far no luck for me. I search and I skip from one link to the other, going deeper and deeper, untill I realize it's the middle of the night and I can't move no more, cuz my legs have fallen asleep and my beck broke somewhere between 8 pm and 3 am.

But it's not VN's fault. Sure I maybe need more time because of the hole japanese language thing, but I do this all the time. I get eaten by the internet. Yes eaten! I use to stay up way to late, because I had this stupid habit of drinking coffee at night. I didn't need it in during the day, but I sure had to have it at night. So I stayed up, gazing at fashion sites, chatting on the MSN, doing nothing... Finally I stopped. Sure, it was sweet, but one can only drink so much coffee before you get a heart attack.

I do it less now but I still stay up way to late - sans coffee - doing nothing, though there are times my web surfing isn't so futile, gazing at fashion & design sites until I am too tired to go to bed. Mind you, I keep my computer on the nightstand, so all I have to do is lay down on my back an wiggle my way up the bed to the pillow. But even this gets to hard after hours spent on the web. And after hours spent on the web one cannot but wonder: will the internet devour us all?

It might be a crazy notion but it's a valid one. How many people do you know who spend their entire days locked to their computers. I know tones! And it's not that its wrong it's just weird. When we were kids things were so different - a saying often spoken by my grandpa, instantly followed by one or two eye - rolls...I so know what he's talking about, tho! I use to read so many books! I could read for hours. Now, I struggle. I love reading, I just don't have the concentration any more. I even struggle with magazines. Once a friend of mine posted an article on facebook. The article was written by a professional writer and he was going on about not being able to read as much and having trouble concentrating on his writing, as some of his fellow writers. In short, he argued it's because of the internet etc... My friends and I all agreed and felt relieved we're not the only ones failing to concentrate on reading.

Still. I think that internet is one of the best doings of man. We can learn so much, so fast. And see even more. Priceless! And as long as I can still turn my back on the hole computer business, and switch it off for a couple of days, I'll be just fine. But I will always fondly remember these sleepless (caffeinated) nights, when I was drowning in fashion. A sweet way to drown, no?

P. S. Having said all these things here's something to relax your eyes upon...

Stylist: Sabino Pantone
model: Frida Gustavsson
photographer: Andreas Sjodin
Morning flowers .Vogue Nippon june 10

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