Thursday, January 13, 2011

post december

It's the same every year. December is my favorite part of the year, but around new years I get fed up with it.
And I can't wait to start doing something other than just bake, eat, decorate and have fun. I feel like I miss january. Like it's been too long since I last had it. And then it comes, and it's so much less than I'd expected it to be.
A smack in the face it's what it is! Instead of boiling over with new work force, I find myself quite low spirited.
Of course, by february everything is back to normal. And the work force comes, or it doesn't :)
So to be in tune with my mood, here's a video with a beautiful soundtrack.

It's a Kate Moss video for F/W 2010/2011 Balmain campaign. Inez and Vinoodh were the photographers in charge and they thought of a great way to do the photoshoot. They placed several hidden cameras on the set and just filmed Kate as she naturally moved and/or wiggled in the couch. The short film is called Everglade and it features Jo Ratcliffe's illustrations in collaboration with Bouwine Pool. And the soundtreck is Antony and the Johnsons'.

The video I like very much, and I wouldn't want to jump to any conclusions, but Kate is dressed exactly as if this was shot last year or even 2 years prior. Pleas Balmain, don't do it again! If you make yet another almost-identical-only-slightly-different collection I'll be so sad and disappointed. I'm actually at a point where, if they had done something new and creative, I'd die of shock :)
However I still kind of love Balmain.

Good night!

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