Sunday, February 27, 2011

So I've accidentally deleted everything I had on fashion from my computer...
I have no backup and I've lost everything. Years of gathering things, WOOSH! All gone!

As I have many things going one these days, I can not focus on this blog. However I've...

... been filling up my, newly-empty- sorry-little-fashion folder with new materials
... been once again enjoying the powerful inspiration of Karla Derass' karlascloset every day
... been thumbing through old fashion magazines (then I threw them away, cuz I can't stand -don't kill me now- clutter these days)
... found a blog sincerelyjules that i really love and tried to go through it all
... discovered a new appreciation towards bright colored pants and since wished Uniqlo was in Slovenia
... wasted time on Looklet and had a nice time doing so

But really, I've been working hard on going on a mental fashion-fast ( physically it's not even a problem, since I don't have any money to spend).

bye for now!

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