Friday, May 22, 2009

There is nothing like the time right before a summer storm. When half of the sky is bluer than blue an the sun is shining bright, an the other half is so dark an it feels as the clouds will crush you... I find it so magical. It's so empty around because people went to hide from the rain, but the rain doesn't come right away and you still have some time alone and it's so quiet and peaceful. you hear nothing but the wind and the birds. And then there's the light! It's dim and yet somehow it's so bright. And the colors...

 I bought a fluorescent yellow nail polish quite a while ago. Though it looks a bit funny combined with pajamas or dog bitten sweats, it actually looks nice combined with something else. As I usually don't dress in vivid colors, a splash of intensity here and there is something I quite like. Pictures will follow.

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