Thursday, June 04, 2009

H&M trends?!

If this will EVER be available in H&M, I'll eat my leg of, that's for sure! I would love it though, but they seem to always use the cheapest fabrics out there, and so most of the pieces they offer, tend to look trashy. And I mean that in the worst possible way. Currently H&Ms in Slovenia are selling the Matthiew Williamson collection... I must say I was quite happy to hear that they'll be cooperating. I thought I could use a few colorful and printed pieces, but it just didn't work out for me as I had planed.

He was supposed to use his best 0r favorite designs for the H&M collection, and that he didi, but again, the fabrics are just horrible! Everything looks really nice on photos, but when I actually saw the pieces, I was disappointed beyond words, and I ended up buying a men's hoodie.

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