Monday, June 01, 2009

my high school lover, and my favorite flavor

(PARIS FASHION WEEK October 06 - Balenciaga RTW S/S 07)

I adored this collection (and still do)! The shoes especially!. He used so many different materials, and managed to put them together in a way that they complement each other to perfection. I love the leather and leatherish details. And those white pants with the knee thingies! Some pieces are quite rough, but the whole collection still keeps it's balance, because of all the other pieces such as oversized shirts and silk dresses, that are so light and airy.

Now, I can not stress enough, how relieved I am, to have finally grasped the Picassa - picture - uploading- process. It may sound silly, as there is nothing to grasp, but I didn't use it before, thus all my uploaded pictures were so small. And then the whole blog looked kinda poor, and slowly I was getting more and more frustrated. No more! I'm a Picassa and/or Flicker user from now on!


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