Friday, December 11, 2009


I love how PHI's FW09 accessories ares o basic, yet so detailed. I'd wear it with rough, edgy things as well as with soft, girly ones.
I feel like I have no time any more, since I've started working. Of course that's not true. I know the busier you are the more things you get done, but I'm somehow not quite there yet. And I can't bring myself to letting go of some old habits I have and always had. There HAS to be some alone time (with my sister and my dog of corse) in my day. Just has to! But the days are too short these days. Where did the oh-so-long- mornings go to? Where did hundreds upon hundreds cups of late-evening-coffee go to? Where is day dreaming? Where is infinite pondering? where's staying-up-till-late? How about reading for hours before bed time? You tell me, because I sure as hell don't know.
How is it ,that I can talk on the phone, watch a movie and write something, all at the same time, but I loose my balance the minute "life" strikes?
Nuff said...

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