Sunday, December 13, 2009


( everything from Zara, I think )

No, there is no blue sky here. I'm just the slowest when it comes to posting. This was taken a long time ago. It's winter now, and my friend Petra and I were debating on the possibility of winter shoes being warm and beautiful at the same time. We feel it's almost impossible, but aren't willing to give up yet. I do have one pair of boots that I like. They're like indian boots, and I love that, but I got really bored with the color and the pattern. I'm considering on coloring them, but am not sure how the suade gets when it is colored. Guess I'm just gonna have to try it. The other thing is, that this boots are nice, but I cant see myself wearing them through out the winter all the time. They're just not that kind of boots. Or maybe they are, but the time, I wore them daily, has run out. So I'm left with almost nothing. I shouldn't forget though, That winter is just what it is. Winter. And in winter time I am constantly cold. So untill it starts snowing I'll be ok with my old Docs, which I love, my new precious Zoe booties, and olive green, canvas, lace booties I bought in Zagreb for fall. I love them all, and they'll just have to do.

I know for a fact that Tory's boots are warm. And though I cant imagine how I would wear them yet, I like them. I've always liked them. My dad has a pair just like these (not Tory's obviously, but its an old model made by many brands), and he wanted to buy the sam for me, but didn't find the size ( *sigh*). And then there's Burberry's lace up bootie. It's wonderful of course, but are they warm enough for my cold feet? No more than the ons I already have. I'll probably buy the good ol' Hunter boots. I've been meaning to buy them for a long time, but didn't have the money. Rain boots have been dear to me, ever since I was little. And now they have padding inside. Now, thats warm for ya! Last but not least, Kenzo boots. I've made a quick post before about Kenzo FW/09 line. I love every little detail. And the shoes are awesome! And they look perfect with warm knitted socks.

(Tory Burch Duck boot)


(Hunter Wellingtons; from closeup-closeup)

(Kenzo FW/09)


Theresa said...

wow that top is awesome, looks so sexy - but in an understaded way. Great that you liked my wellies.
And of course you can quote me, but in fact it was Carrie Bradshaw, who said it.

Kiss Kiss

katarina said...

thanks! :)
I really like wellies, and you wear them great. Which kind are yours? I'm trying to decide between the originals and the huntress, in olive green color.