Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Great colors! Like old english countryside meets scool uniform, but with lots of mesh, leather and skin. Bare legs and (woolen) knee socks! Oxford shoes, leopard and lace wedges. Just great!


Very like him, I think. Simplicity with a sprinkle of bizarreness. But what's up with the length of tights?! It's sooo strange! Like bicicle tights. Hated them since pree school. I always thought they make me look fat. Today, I know they make me look fat.
Love the dresses with beautiful straps and mesh details. So simple and logical, if you think about it, yet so thoughtful. The other thing I like, is the combination of leather pieces and fur (sure wish it was faux).

(pree F/09)

Very chic, no?

(S/09 lookbook)

More Alexander Wang next time...

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