Tuesday, May 25, 2010

all that jazz

A while ago my boyfriend sent me a picture of an awesomely stylish old man, and we both agreed he's going to look that way when he gets old.
And it made me wonder how I will look once I'll get old. I always said I'd age with dignity and grace, but I guess I have never actively thought about my aging style and whether it will age gracefully with me, or will it eventually rot and die off, when I reach a certain age. You know, that certain age, when approximately every other women cuts off her hair in an I-am-oder-and-have-so-many-other-things-to-think-about-than-my-looks hairdo.


I never want that hair! Ever! And I never want to start dressing in clothes that are convenient - meaning bought in the closest store to my home. Never!

I guess I always felt I'd age right back into roaring twenties. And then I'd wear mens frocks tailored to fit, and wear loads of heavy jewelry. And all sorts of chemises. Oh, and hats! I'd wear hats. All kinds of hats, from mens straw hats, and top hats, to delicate women's bonnets and widow hats with all sorts of veils...I'd wear head pieces too. Not big ones though, just a pin or a small silver comb here and there. I'd have curls, like women use to. Or a bob. And all sorts of dresses made of fine materials... I'd be somewhere in between Cissy and Poppy Meldrum, with a twist of old Lavender (minus the bird). Or better yet just lady Lav (minus the bird) with a twist of Cissy - I'm skipping Poppy cuz she's evile.

That's what I'd look when I grow old.
And all that jazz!

(Chris Benz, Lovenia, Donna Karan)

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