Monday, June 21, 2010

bra buying is the hardest.

Seriously, off all the bras that are offered, I can never tell which one I like the most. Because usually, I don't like any. They're like basic white Ts - almost impossible to find, but crucial to any wardrobe.

And you'd think it's the easiest to pick at least one bra a month, out of the sea of bras out there. Yeah, well, it ain't.

Never you mind that there are a bunch of ordinary white bras, because they're dull and out dated (yes, I think a bra can be outdated), and never you mind that there is a little ocean of lace bras, which I highly recommend, provided you need to hoochiefy yourself fast. And then there are those insufferable push-ups with way too much "stuffing" and an ugly cut, yes I hate those.

I want a basic bra made with quality fabric, with a nice cut and a good, perfected detailing. A little lace here and there, maybe some mesh, or some original sewing... Because for me the magic of a clothing, or anything else for that matter, is in a detail.

My friend Ada and I talked about this "issue" and while she's not into lace, we both agreed on the importance of simplicity finished with good detailing, and we agreed on how much we like Wang's (no surprise here) underwear, especially this bra:

very nice, no?
Now, I understand this isn't everyones cup of tee, cuz it might be too sporty. And I too am not a fan of sporty bras, but this one makes me think of many different possibilities how to wear it.

Or this one! Even better, because it's more feminine.

This one works more like a top. And I like it better from the behind.

I ♥ these panties!

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