Thursday, October 28, 2010

more florencia kozuch!

Florencia part II...

Textures, materials, embroidery, knitting - delicately soft and fiercely structured with details reminiscent of tribal artifact. The silhouettes look like something from a fairy tale, and I mean that in the best possible way!

Oh it's bold alright! But it's wearable, wonderful & completely thought-through.
Bravo Florencia! You are going places!

(graduate collection)
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(Vauxhall Fashion Scout, AW/10)

An interview form Fault Magazine:

FAULT: How are you feeling about your debut at this season’s London Fashion Week?

Florencia: I’m very exited, if not a little terrified! I cannot think of a better platform to do my catwalk debut. It’s a great opportunity for a young designer and I’m really looking forward to it.

FAULT: Argentinean tribes and rock’n'roll acted as inspiration for your graduate CSM collection. Where have you found inspiration for this season?

Florencia: Well, this season is a mix-mash of all things Argentinean – from crocodiles to sea urchins, gaucho hats, riding trousers and wools from the Patagonia. I’ve been producing my collection in my home city of Buenos Aires, working with local manufactures and traditional products. So I hope you will see a slicker collection but I’m still experimenting with textures and silhouette.

FAULT: Textiles play a vital role in your design aesthetic. What sort of detailing can we expect to see at Fashion Week?

Florencia: This time there will be embroidered sea urchin spikes – some painted and some in their natural colour – masks and necklaces as well as interesting knits. I have used chunky virgin wool for coats and hot pants. There are also some reptile armour-like details in Cayman skin from Formosa.

FAULT: Which is your favourite piece and why?

Florencia: At the moment I am sea urchin obsessed! So I guess it’s the open back black and blue dress with embroidered spikes.

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And here are 3 photos of her new pieces I think.


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