Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unable to sleep again. Partially because I'm watching Mad men like there's no tomorrow and partially because I have things on my mind... It is a strange period it's what it is. So many things to think through. Tie all this loose ends. It's times like this that make me wish I wasn't the procrastinator that I am... Even with this blog I am. Sometimes I could just smack myself. But on to merrier topics! Cleavages and whatever a back cleavage is!

Men love cleavages, because they want boobies. But I'm more of a back cleavage type of gal. Because I don't have large breasts I suppose ... Never the less, I think there's nothing quite as appealing as an open back dress.
The only red carpet event dress that I never will forget is the Guy Laroche dress Hilary Swank wore for Oscars 2005. And Angelina's dress is something to remember too.

Guy Laroche's and the last three dresses are my very favorites. They're so simple and elegant, but they have some drama in them.
I only know Ashley is wearing The Row, as for the other two I have no idea.

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