Tuesday, April 19, 2011

rochas & theyskens

I am sorry that you can't see more on Rochas' web site, but this will have to do.
This collection has all this wonderful elements that I like: sheer fabric, thin straps, silenced colors, open backs, some sequins and long sleeved dresses.

Olivier Theyskens use to work here. But it's been years...
His work here was spectacular, to no surprise, but it failed to follow the economic model it was supposed to. So Procter & Gamble decided to end Rochas in 2006. Fools!
Olivier went to Nina Ricci, debuting his first line in 2007. Again it was spectacular!
And as the fashion world gasped upon his genius, the ones handling the finances made a decision to, yet again, end his work, since it was not lucrative enough.

Ana Wintour was upset. Actually she was outraged. So she wrote a little something saying it's a sad day, when money wins over creation and that talent, such as his, shouldn't be thrown away...
I'm positive that had her reign extended over financiers' borders, they'd have gotten the off-with-their-heads.

Still Rochas lives!
In 2008 they named Marco Zanini the artistic director of the label and he's doing a good job.
The line, to me, is a bit reminiscent of Olivier. It's sheer and light and feminine and soft.

Olivier however is currently residing at Theory, and here is the collection.
It's not at all the demicouture we're use to, but it's elegant, wearable and semi affordable.

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